Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This past weekend was the health fair at Chris’s church.  We have the obligatory shot of Makenna on the horse (pony).  I only had a couple of good shots to choose from as I was watching a dance crew and Chris took her out for the ride.

I tried to also get her to go into the fire truck but this was as close as she wanted to get.               

The next day, on Sunday, was a picnic at Cole Park with his church and I wish we had gotten a picture of her after she had slipped and fell in the mud as she was covered. I guess with all her tears, we didn’t think of taking a picture. My mind was racing about how I was going to clean her shirt.

Other than that, a rather tame weekend as Chris just returned from England and had to catch up on some sleep. This week proves to be a lot more hectic (and filled with tears from mommy) as Makenna graduates from her morning pre-school on Thursday night. I’ve been on the graduation committee so I’ve got to help decorate, and I got gift boxes together for the kids.

Makenna brought home from her morning preschool some reminders of what it was like the first day of school back in September. There was a hand-print, a small rope, a picture, and a paper stating what she liked. We could compare the hand-print to her hand now and see how she’s grown. Then take the rope and hold it up and see how much she’s really grown. To look at the picture you can see her baby face and just how she’s grown in features and maturity. The paper was just funny because she said her favorite book was “Bambi” and I swear we don’t have a Bambi book that I know of.

When we showed daddy this morning, Makenna then turned to me and said, “Mommy, it makes you sad.” I said that yes it does make me sad to see how fast she’s growing up but that’s okay because I know she has to grow.

Just yesterday I was looking back at our blog from England ( and looking at some of the pictures and videos. I have to say the videos really brought tears (of laughter) to my eyes to watch her and especially listen to her little English accent back then. I’m so glad we kept that blog and wish our lives were that interesting and adventure filled now.

I guess for now I’ll have her milestones of growing and learning. Plus, I’m now back on a volleyball league for the Summer (Yeah!) and we have a double header tonight. Chris is just praying that I don’t get hurt in my “advanced” age. Then he’ll be the one crying!

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