Monday, June 27, 2011

UPK Graduation

Daddy doesn't seem to be able to take a picture (or notice that he's taken a picture) without squinty eyes.

On June 24th, Makenna had her second graduation from UPK. It wasn’t something we had initially planned, having her in two pre-school type classes, but I’m glad we did. She really enjoyed Miss Susan and Miss Stacey’s class and would ask every day if she had class with these two teachers.

Graduation was more low-key than the ECC graduation but it was still very nice. I had to try holding back the tears as soon as I dropped her off to her classroom for the last time. I went upstairs to the auditorium and waited for the ceremonies to begin and fought tooth and nails to not cry.

As part of the “gifts” for the kids/parents I received a report card of sorts telling me how Makenna did in the Fall of 2010 compared to the Spring of 2011 in certain areas. Most of them had improvement, but some areas, we need to obviously work on.
On the wall also hung a picture of “What I want to be when I grow up.” Makenna drew a picture of herself as a princess. While I admire this wish, I can only hope it pays well. I realize it’s the dream of many little girls, and I hope it can come true for her. That would mean that the new Royals (William and Kate) better get busy in the baby-making department and it better be a male heir to the throne and he better be willing to marry an older woman.

Makenna with friend Sarah

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