Monday, December 17, 2012

First "Official" Sleep Over

On July 20th, Makenna had her first official sleep-over with her cousin Katie.  We put them together in a bigger bed and read bed-time stories and then it was off to dream-land.  Well, at least it was for my child. 

Katie had a bit of a harder time falling asleep as she was not used to the light being on.  So after about an hour of Katie not falling asleep she finally told us that it was too bright.  So we turned off the light and then she fell asleep.  BUT around 6am we heard Makenna say, "Katie, want to talk?"  I made Chris run up there and tell her to keep it quiet and let her cousin sleep.  Which she did for about 15 more minutes.  Then she asked her again to have a little chat.

So I got up and took Makenna out of the room and let Katie sleep.  My child obviously has this whole sleep-over thing backwards.  She doesn't realize that you stay up all night talking and then sleep in.  Nope, she has it that you fall asleep immediately and wake up early to chat away.  I'm sure all too soon she'll have more sleep overs and I'll be begging them to turn out the lights and go to bed.

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