Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mini Golf

On August 18th we went to a mini golf place on Route 12A.  We had seen it many times in passing, and Makenna would always want to stop and do it.  So finally one day - we did!  It was her first time and at first she got help from daddy, but then wanted to do it on her own.  Of course, she's wanted to go over and over, but believe it or not, mini-golf, at least this place, was fairly expensive in my opinion.

I did take her to the mini-golf at Skate Estate (with a coupon) the day before she started First Grade with her cousins Katie, Natalie, and Hannah.  Nothing like having a bunch of little kids wielding metal sticks with a blunt end and fighting about who goes first on the next hole.  Luckily we only had tears of frustration and not from hitting each other with their "swords".

Hopefully we'll go again this coming Summer...but maybe with just Chris, Makenna, and myself.

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