Monday, December 17, 2012

Olmstead Reunion - July 1st, 2012

One of my biggest highlights for the Summer was getting together with family that I have not seen in a VERY long time.  Some of them, I had never met ( know how that get a long line of them and you just don't know or meet them).  We held it at our house and the weather cooperated beautifully!

The Olmstead's is my maternal grandmother's line and her one brother (my great uncle Jim) and her sister, (my great aunt Bev) came along with their families and their families' families...etc.  (I'm sure the punctuation on this is a mess...sorry to my editing friends).

I just wish my grandmother could have been there in person to see us all together again.

 We had a pool for the kids to enjoy
 The whole gang (although a few had to leave early before this was taken)
 My mom - who looks awesome in purple!
 My brother Josh, his wife Autumn and 3 (of their 4 kids - the other one was not born yet)
 My cousin Diane & her husband Chap

 My cousin Jackie and her daughter Madison
 My Great Uncle Jim and Aunt Joyce (my grandmother's brother)
 Jim & Joyce with their 4 daughters
 The "extended" family
 My Great Aunt Bev & Uncle Dick Curly (all the way from Oregon!)
 Aunt Bev & Uncle Dick with 2 of their 3 kids
 Their extended family
 My Aunt Lori & Uncle Rich
 Here they are with my Uncle Tom & his new wife Diane
 Newlyweds! (June 2012) - I have to get some of their pictures up!
 My Sister-in-Law Jessica and her 2 kids (my brother Jared was on a camp-out with the boy scouts)
 My tired little munchkin

 Our extended family - minus my brother Jake and brother Jared)
 Beautiful night to end it on!

~~~I SO hope we can all get together again some time in the near future~~~

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