Monday, January 23, 2012

Precurser to Halloween

We did the annual Trunk-Or-Treat at our Church on Saturday the 22nd and this year, Makenna was more into it.  Although she still wouldn't do the cake walk!  Dang her...doesn't she know that it's not about her!  It's about me getting some yummy cake.  Hopefully next year she'll come to understand this and be a willing participant to indulge her mommy's need for sweets in the form of cake that someone else made (or bought).

Again, sticking with the Hello Kitty theme (her idea) here she is:

I can somewhat say this is my first "home-made" Halloween costume.  Pretty lame I know, but hey, I'm not a seamstress by any means.  I'm a shopper and google-idea browser.  I found the headband at Hot Topics on-line and decided to try our local Hot Topics store and by sheer luck (and that there seems to be a massive Hello Kitty craze as of late,) I was able to get it.  The T-shirt, purse, and stuffed animal she had already, along with the red pants.  Bought the pink tutu for dance so just Incorporated it with the outfit and borrowed the pink shoes from cousin Katie, who although younger, has about the same size feet. 

Then I went out and bought face-paint, which we now have an over-abundance of.  I had initially thought to paint her face white but then thought better of it and just used the yellow and black face paint.  I'm pretty certain I saved myself and her much aggravation by not painting her whole face. 

I only hope next year's outfit is as easy...maybe even the same one?!

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