Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Party Number 3 - Jumping Jungle

On Saturday, October 28th, we had the third and final party for Makenna's birthday at Jumping Jungle in Vestal.  It was mostly for little kids and that's why we had the "adult family party" the night before.

This was the best birthday idea I had and Makenna loved it.  Take out the "look for others in the dark" part (even though they were wearing glow-stick bracelets,) and it was a hit.

We ended up having two cakes as my Sister-in-law Autumn was afraid her cake didn't turn out so Chris and I scrambled and picked up a cake and he decorated it with the Hello Kitty picture (pretty good for free hand I thought!)

But my Sister-In-Law's cake was fine and looked great!  (it just didn't turn out how she had envisioned)

We got to the place early to set up and Makenna took advantage of the various inflated bounce houses:

Cousin Abbie really enjoyed the slide
Aunt Autumn enjoyed the massage chair a little too much!
Thanks to all that came and helped Makenna enjoy her birthday party!

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