Monday, January 23, 2012


My little girl, has turned five!  I can hardly believe it.  It truly does fly by and I can't believe I'm writing this (even though it's three months after the fact).  She has grown in so many ways.  Just the other day I was looking at a picture that was taken shortly after she had turned four and I can't believe how much more mature she looks in one year!

We out did ourselves in the way of celebrating.  Considering her birthday was on a Thursday and she still had school the next day, we didn't have the parties (yes parties,) until Friday and Saturday.  But we did let her open some of her gifts on her actual birthday and had a celebratory cupcake.  It was the same cupcakes I took to her class for her birthday earlier in the day.

A bit frightened by Dad lighting the candles on her cupcake

Dora Ballerina Movie (Makenna is still wearing her dance outfit from class earlier that night)

Hello Kitty hat for winter:

Just in time as it decided to snow that night!

In looking back over the 5 short years you've been on this planet, I can't believe how much you've grown in height, looks, and personality.  I thank God every night for sending such a sweet spirit to me.  To show me face to face all my quirks and flaws as you reflect to me what I show to you.  This has only made me try and be a better person so that you will then reflect to other's what a great girl you are.

I so look forward to many more years of watching you grow, learn, and love.  You make me laugh with all your "butt-shaking" and you amaze me with the things you come up with, your amazing memory, and how you understand and grasp things so quickly. 

Even though I get impatient with all your questions sometimes, I love that you're trying to learn and understand everything around you.  I love Sundays most of all with you as you cuddle up on my lap during church and I'm trying to hold on and remember your embrace.  I know as you grow older those tender moments will be less and less as you grow and become more independent.  I hope you always know, that you can run back into my arms for any reason and I'll always have two arms open to hold you.

Happy Birthday my little one!

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