Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well, I'm a bit behind due to the holidays. All three of us were "off" from work or school so it kept us fairly busy with no time to blog.

We went to our annual Christmas Eve's Eve party at a friend's house where Chris and I were able to see some old friends that we barely saw all year, if even at all. A lot of people marveled at Makenna and how big she's gotten and one guy, who has never seen her, thought she was in second grade! Heavens! She's tall, but not that tall (is she?). I mostly sat in a chair holding her and trying to get her to fall asleep to no avail. Too much going on and everyone checking to see if she was sleeping yet didn't help. On the way home she told daddy that everyone was too loud for her to fall asleep.

On Christmas Eve, we got to see Grandpa Avery and have a brunch and presents. Makenna got this really awesome Dora fold out couch that's just her size and loves it (you'll see pictures below). She sits on it quite frequently and constantly goes between leaving it a couch or pulling it out to a bed.

Makenna and I went to visit some extended family on my side (my cousin and her family) while daddy went to church services. Then it was home and to bed before Santa came. We made sure to leave out some cookies and milk for Santa to have on his long trip. Before going to bed we talked about little bit about what the day truly was (Jesus' birthday) and she even sang happy birthday Jesus before going to sleep.

Christmas morning, of which I have no pictures of, because I totally forgot and Chris was videotaping, went well. She was so extremely excited to first, see all the presents. She came racing into our room in a giddy tone saying that Santa had come and left presents. She may have also said something about having to go open them immediately but I was still in a sleep-haze and trying to wake up.

Chris then sent her to look at the cookie situation and that was the second thrill she received. She came back still in an excited voice and told us that Santa ate the cookies and milk - not just one but "all of them!" (Which were about 4 if I recall - and I think I ate two of those four). Then she said, "That's not right!"--One of her new sayings lately but quite funny when applied in this situation.
Chris then went and showed her from the window, the reindeer tracks outside in the snow which got her even more excited. After all the distracting, it was time to open up gifts. This was the year to tear through them. I remember last year was more like, open a gift, want to look at it, or play with it immediately and then refocus her on opening another gift. This year it was gift after gift after gift.

In fact, at the end, she looked up a bit disappointed, and said, "I didn't get a Wii." It was then we realized that Santa had magically left a Wii and had kindly set it up ahead of time so that we could play it immediately. All was right with the world again.
Let me tell you how scary it is that she can actually do really well at this Wii thing. There's a sword fighting game that she is really good at. In fact, many times she has beaten me, not including the few times I let her. She's picked up the other games fairly well too. She has beaten me at Ping-Pong and tennis and all I can do is laugh because I'm so shocked. On Sunday we tried boxing and she knocked me out! I was actually trying to win and she did it three times before I was completely out. I think there's something about it being able to pick up her "shorter" stature than mine. She does get frustrated at some games and wants to quit but we insist that she has to finish a game that she's playing with us.
I also tried out the Wii Fit that I got for Christmas and it was definitely a work out! It's been a little over a month since I went to the gym so this past week off, I started gearing back up for it and went downstairs and went on the bike and elliptical machine and then did this Wii workout. Let's just say the machine didn't always pick up on me doing my lunges and would keep me in that position for what seemed like forever and because of it, I was certainly very sore for the next few days. I have a work-out session with my trainer today and I told him to be nice since the Wii kicked my butt!

Later on Christmas day we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Jones' house and had a good meal and more presents. Since they have a Wii, she got to play some more with her cousins and practice up even more.

Monday was the celebration with my side of the family and that's where most of the pictures come from below. With all the days of opening presents, she's having a hard time understanding why she isn't opening up more every day. She kept asking during the week after Christmas and is now resigned to the idea she has to wait for her birthday. But that doesn't stop her from asking when her birthday is, or if every day is her birthday. Hope your Christmas was as fun and family filled as ours!
Great Grandma (who's almost 101) with Makenna and Eli

Picture with Aunt Jessica, Uncle Jared, and Cousin Eli (missing is cousin Abbey)

The "kids" craft table - I like how Walter is part of the kids table

Sitting on her Dora couch with cousin Eli

Now lounging on her Dora couch with cousin Eli

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