Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Week after Christmas

Well as I stated in the previous "Christmas" blog Makenna had the week off from school and Chris and I had off from work. After Monday's get-together for Christmas with my family that left a whole week of trying to entertain a four-year old.

I immediately made plans to have Makenna go over to her cousin Katie and Natalie's one day and for them to come up to our house another day. This worked out well as the next day, Tuesday, Makenna went over to their house for a few hours and this gave Chris and I a chance to watch a movie. Even though we watched one at home, it was nice to have quiet time together. Then when we picked her up, it was off to the Jones' for Uncle Mark's birthday.

On Wednesday, I took Makenna back over to Katie and Natalie's but I stayed too as some girls got together to watch a chick-flick. I really ended up enjoying that time as Makenna decided to take a nap on me. I just got to hold her for over an hour and feel her close. I don't take those moments for granted one bit. I love it and realize too soon it will be over. Not to mention she can barely fit on my lap.

Thursday was the day Katie and Natalie came over to play. That kept her quite busy and when they took a nap, she happily played her Wii. Then later she got what she terms as a "vacation" as she stayed overnight at grandma and grandpa Jones' house while Chris and I went to a party and then to meet up with some friends to play some games. Our one day early New Year's Eve Celebration.

Friday, Chris went to pick her up and took her shopping for a bit so I could get other shopping done and some cleaning done. Then for New Year's Eve we just all watched a movie together ("Coraline" which I DO NOT recommend for small children). This movie was a bit scarier than we realized. But we enjoyed eating popcorn and spending time together. We put her down to bed after 9pm and then just waited for the ball to drop.

So the week went by really quick and I was quite surprised when this past Monday rolled around and I didn't have any grumblings about going back to school. She saved it up for today. Right away, as soon as she walked out of her bedroom she started in about how she didn't want to go to school. I explained to her that she wouldn't be able to play the Wii or watch tv by staying home. Dad had to talk to her some more but she was finally willing to go. Now the next hurdle is getting her to go to gymnastics.

Ever since her Christmas program, she doesn't want to do anything else but "practice" for the show. She doesn't want to just go do her class. I tried to explain that her class prepares her for the next show next year so that she can do more but she's not getting it. I think dance classes come this Spring are definitely in store.
The Monday before Christmas ended up being lots of fun for Chris. He had to stay home with a very sick child. I was getting ready for work when I heard Makenna yelling downstairs. Then I heard Chris respond by yelling back to come down the stairs. About 15 minutes or so had passed and I was done getting ready and I asked Chris if she had come down and he replied that he didn't think so. I went upstairs to find Makenna sitting on the toilet with a handful of vomit in her hands.

I felt so bad for her. I think she was confused as the last time she got sick like this, she was just over two and probably doesn't remember. So she probably had no idea what was happening. She just was sitting there and said, "mom, I got sick." I yelled down through the baby monitor to Chris to come up and help me. We got her undressed, in the shower to wash off and I cleaned up the floor.

Luckily, or unluckily, Chris already had the week off so he stayed home and had to deal with the constant mess. I felt it was only fair as all the other times she's gotten sick like this he was M.I.A. He said that he got her "rhythm down" and knew that about every 40 minutes another surge would happen. So he'd get her sitting up and over the garbage pail. Her aim was still not great so he went through a lot of blankets and towels. But later that day she was feeling great. In fact she started dancing around, and then promptly felt ill again, but luckily didn't get sick. She did get a fever later in the night though. But by Tuesday she was doing fine but we still kept her home from school.

It seems as though her and a lot of other kids from church all got sick on Monday. We think at the Christmas party the Saturday before, they had all picked up something. What a gift! Luckily it ran its course in a very short amount of time and she was fine for Christmas.

Well, thought I'd add a few more pictures below. Most of are a gingerbread house that Chris did 99.9% of himself. I think Makenna helped .1% and I didn't have a hand in it at all. I think it shows his artistic abilities and shows he has a future as an architect:

Another neat gift Makenna got was this big playhouse that she can color herself. She has colored parts of it and daddy colored the roof. We've moved this up to her room now and all her stuffed animals get to sleep in it.

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