Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our First "I Don't Love You"

We had a holiday and a snow day this past week and I was elated. I rather like being at home during the winter as I feel safe and secure and warm.

Makenna and I enjoyed the snow day yesterday by going out and shoveling. I really shoveled, obviously, but she did help push the shovel and then I would lift it and heave the snow. She soon realized that it was more fun to pick up the snow and throw it at me then actually help me to shovel it. Of course, being that it was an ice storm and that she was throwing shards of iced snow at me didn't matter. Plus, I was the one with the shovel-full of snow, as she soon found out. Since we were well bundled and it was actually warm out, we enjoyed playing in it, throwing more snow and making snow (ice) angels and pushing each other down into it.

It was easy to keep busy now that we have the Wii and I broke out the fitness board that has a lot of different games and things to do. She now keeps asking to play mommy's Wii games. There's one where you move side to side and back and forth hitting numbers as you do, to add up to 10. I just let her do it and she eventually gets it to add up correctly. She tried the hula-hoop "game" but doesn't quite have the knack of getting her hips to go in a circle. She is starting to get better at the ski-jump game and did really well at the running game. I figure it's good exercise so it doesn't hurt to have her play them.

She also found the yoga section and it was very entertaining to watch her try to do the yoga poses. She would say, "Mom, look at me, I'm doing it!" To which I would smirk and say, "You certainly are doing something."

The thing with the Wii games is that it is also a powerful punishment tool. On Sunday at church we had an issue with behaving (being nice and sharing with our cousin Katie,) which resulted in a warning of the Wii being taken away for the day if it happened again. As soon as it did, and I swooped in to remove her from the Sacrament Meeting, she was immediately crying and yelling, "Wii, Wii, Wii." Everyone must've though she had to go to the bathroom.

While in the other room (where I take her to talk to her about her behavior and have her sit,) she was again trying to bargain with me about being able to play the Wii later. She even said she wanted to say she was sorry, which I told her was a good idea. So she said sorry but I still enforced the punishment. She was not too happy to hear that so it was our first, "I don't love you mom" comments. It was a bit upsetting to hear but I didn't take it hard. I know it was out of anger and frustration and I knew that given an hour or two away from me (as she was going to primary,) she would be calmed down enough. I was right. She was still upset but in a more calm way and even said, she knew she couldn't play because she broke the rules.

Since then we've had plenty of hugs, laughs, and I love you's - which is my favorite.

I had to close with this picture from grandma's birthday party. Makenna was "partied" out and fell asleep at the restaurant.

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