Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow Angels and Sledding

Last week provided some snow and weather warm enough to go out and enjoy it.

Part of our snow removal procedure is to shovel off the back deck. Why bother you ask? Well, if we don't our cat uses it as a very large kitty-litter due to her being lazy and most likely cold and wanting to get right back in the house.

So while I was shoveling Makenna decided to make a snow angel. Another thing I'm surprised she knew about and I'm guessing she got from preschool.

Then she decided, for whatever reason, to go in circles on her knees.

There was also a lot of snowball throwing even though it was more like shards of ice throwing as this was the day with the ice storm. You couldn't really get a good compact snowball but that didn't stop her from wanting to throw something at me. I think she feels it's a safe way to throw something at me without any repercussion. Not to mention fun. I also showed her how fun it was to get buried in snow by a shovel full of it.

She also did help shovel by pushing the shovel to the wood slats but that excitement quickly wore out.
So then we decided to go get the paper at the end of the driveway by using the "new" sled that she got for Christmas from grandpa Avery. It was actually a hand-me-down sled that her uncle Brant used to use.

She seemed to like it because I was doing the work and she was sitting and enjoying the ride. She did want to use it down a very small hill (that leads toward the pond) but I said that I wasn't going to the bottom and she'd have to bring it up herself. She decided to go down on her butt instead.

I was telling Chris that we needed to get one of those plastic sleds that can easily be carted around by someone her size. He said that the sled she has is great because she can steer it like her bicycle and it was a "true" sled. I had to remind him that she's four. He feels the plastic sleds are a death trap waiting to happen, to which I agree a bit, but life is not lived until you've flown down a hill in a sled with no control.

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