Sunday, January 13, 2013

Halloween 2012

Well now that the costume is all sorted out, we need the Pumpkin Farm Trip and the carving and the actual Trick-or-Treating portion of the holiday.  Also, the Trunk-Or-Treat at the church - can't miss that.

First up, Pumpkin Farm at Iron Kettle Farm
 The Hay Ride
 The Obstacle Course
 The Train Ride through (around) the hay
 Hopefully we remember to do this each year and see how she's grown
 The Great Pumpkin Decision
 Wheeling the loot to the car

Next up was the Trunk Or Treat at the Church - I took a lot of pictures but this one is the one I like the most (Makenna and cousin Katie)
Then we had to make sure and carve the pumpkins before Halloween (like 3 days before but hey, they at least lasted!)

 Someone does NOT like taking out the guts to the pumpkin!
 Our Happy crew

The comes Halloween.  This year we just went around the neighborhood of where Chris's parents live and we went with our cousins Eli and Abbie (and of course Uncle Jared & Aunt Jessica and mommy & daddy)

 Eli is Godzilla and Abbie is Dora.  Makenna made sure we understood repeatedly that she was a princess fairy.  At one point she yelled out loud for everyone one to hear, "I am NOT a FAIRY!"  We got a giggle out of that.  She wanted it to be known she was a Princess Fair and there is a very BIG distinction!

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