Sunday, January 13, 2013

Halloween Costume

This year I had the "GRAND" idea that I would actually be Suzie homemaker and actually make (yes that means sew and put together) Makenna's costume for Halloween.  I went and picked out a pattern, talked to mother-in-law, had her help me cut out the pattern, and pick out  material from all of her scraps.  I asked a few pertinent questions, and I was on my way where. 

What happened?  Life, and a million other things I could find to do rather than work on this project.  It actually started when I found a website that had really cute things and I wasn't able to get a hold of the person who made these cute things (as it was a "shop" on facebook).

Then after waiting for a reply/response, I finally saw the lady putting up these things for sale and I quickly was able to get the one I was looking for that started this whole "Grand" idea.  So I spent the money, to buy what we wanted and saved myself the insanity cost of doing myself.

I still "put it together" myself in that it needed a little bit more - such as a snazzy shirt to go under it, a cute headpiece (which was from an old costume that my mother-in-law made for another one of her grandchildren years ago) and a cute wand - again, from a previous costume to a previous grandchild - made by my mother-in-law - Oh...and wings - ditto on how I got them.  So Ta-Daa - I made a Halloween costume this year - (snicker, giggle, giggle) - call my Lazy Suzy - I don't care - it looks cute and it was a whole lot better than what I probably would've made.  Not to mention, I tackled about 10 things off of my "million-things-to-do" list.

Here's the finished product:

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