Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Summer Fairs

It seems as though we've created a tradition in going to both the local Spiedie Fest (August 4th,) and up to the New York State Fair (Sept. 1st).  This gives Makenna an opportunity to get her "fill" of rides and adventures.  This year was no exception.

This was a big tube like thing that she could crawl in and it would spin around as she crawled (think hamster wheel) - and it was floating on a small pool of water.

This was like a reverse bungee jump.  She loved this but was willing to jump too high.  I was hoping to see her do flips, and possibly spark her interest in going back to gymnastics.

State Fair:

She loved this swing ride and went on it at least twice.  Of course I tried not to think of her flying across the park in some freak accident.

I enjoy the opportunity to go and enjoy the fairs that we have locally and have a great family day together.

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