Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I didn't

"I didn't hit, I didn't kick, I didn't say "no," I didn't say "stupid," I didn't say "I'll kill you" and "I didn't say "I'll punish you."  Words all mothers love to hear from their three-and-a-half year old.  This was her report to me after pre-school.  All I could say was, "well, that's good." 

Usually I get a brief report from her one teacher, Rachel, but she wasn't there at the end of the day today so Makenna took it upon herself to tell me what she didn't do.  That doesn't mean she was a saint but she was just relaying to me how she did do.  The usual report from her teacher is one of, "we had a bit of a problem with talking back and not listening...we had to talk to her a few times about her behavior."  Again, I would refer you to yesterday's post near the end where I was spouting off about my behavior towards her in the heat of frustration having an adverse affect on her behavior.  This also obviously runs over into her day with others and that's why I need to really start trying to be better about my reactions.

I was in a better mood today as she got up at 7am, without aid from me, and was ready and willing to get dressed.  She said she didn't want breakfast at the time but as were walking out the door changed her mind.  I grabbed a Fiber-One bar and out the door we went.  If nothing else - this girl is fairly regular. 

Then after school, after the update, we went home and had dinner and off to gymnastics.  She was the only one in her class as the rest of the kids (about 4 or 5 of them) were either on vacation or went to the gymnastics camp this week.  I wanted her to go to the camp but I would've really had to re-arrange my schedule and it would've meant no nap every day this week - not something I'm ready to deal with...yet.  I only have a few weeks before this changes so I'm relishing in the time I have left.

She did really well with the one on one time at gymnastics.  She did so well at vault that she almost jumped and flipped by herself.  She definitely is getting better at it.  Then with beam, she enjoys going on the "big beam" which is really just a beam higher off the ground and actually goes across it quite quickly.  Then when she goes down to the beam that's lower to the ground, she's hesitant.  It's weird but oh well.  She was still distracted and running off but for the most part I went around to every station with her to try and keep her on track.

All and all I didn't have a bad day and therefore she didn't have a bad day.  Let's hope this can continue for the both of us...everyday

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