Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is It Wrong To Feel This Way

When I went to pick up Makenna from pre-school I heard another mother arguing (talking sternly in frustration) to her child to get in the car seat and to stop screwing around.  I wasn't appalled or concerned for the child.  I, in fact, relished in the fact that there was another mother who gets just as frustrated over simple things as I seem to do.

It's hard to be a mother when you seem to judge yourself as compared to others and the obedience of their children.  When I see little bits of myself coming out in other mother's then I feel a bit vindicated in my over-reactions.  Not that they are correct but that I'm not alone.  Sometimes I feel like I'm expecting too much or get easily frustrated over silly stupid things and that I need to let go of.

I feel much better about myself and my reactions to her when I do let the little stuff go and not let them get to me.  I did well with this for the past couple of days but then I again I wonder if it was because I had a more compliant, listening child more than my being able to keep my cool.

Then, as if she knew I was battling this dilemma, out she comes to the car and won't get into her car seat without some stern prompting.  Figures - Stupid Murphy's Law. 

We got through that and all was well until it was time to leave gymnastics.  All of a sudden she was not up to listening and I was up for leaving.  Then a switch flipped in me and BAM - instant frustration and comparing myself yet again to the other children calmly getting their shoes on and going to the car and getting in their seats.

I calmed down on the way home as I realized that I was letting the little things get to me - yet again.

(On a "cute" note - Chris went to get Makenna up this morning and she came down to me in the bathroom as I was getting ready and said, "Mom..Dad woke me up when I wanted to sleep." - said in a complaining voice).

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