Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some things are just too hard to explain

The hardest thing to do is explain to Makenna why someone she knows is so far away.  A lot of times she wants to go and visit this or that person and I have to explain that they live very far away and that we can't see them.  Then of course the questions fly, "Why do they live there?"  "Why do they work?," etc.

The latest is trying to explain to her why her uncle Brant is unable to see her.  My brother Brant got himself into some trouble and is not around (for lack of a better word).  I tried to explain to her that Uncle Brant was "naughty" and is now on a naughty step for a very long time.  That seemed to be the easiest way to explain it to her.  Now she keeps asking if he's standing up from the step yet.  I find this insightful and interesting.  She concerned that he's still on the step and thinks that all he has to do to return is be allowed to stand up.

I had her make a card for him and her other Uncle Jake who currently lives in NM.  She really enjoys making cards as it allows her to use glue and sticky stuff (stickers,) and draw with markers and paints.  Now to send them off - that's my job and I need to do that...soon.

Another thing that she's been saying to me from time to time is, "when you're older."  We'll be doing something or eating something and she'll say to me, "mom, mom, you can have that when you're older."  I just laugh and say, "okay."  She's the only one who thinks I need to be older to do things so I'll go along with that.

Just a quick note about our new "notebook" technique to get ready in the morning.  It worked...not as well as I would've liked, but it did work.  She still got one too many chances to get ready but for a majority of it, she stayed focused and we got the job done.  I have to keep in mind that she's three (even when her comments make her 16) and that some getting of task is normal.  Hopefully it will go well tomorrow. 

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