Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Animal Kingdom

Dec 30th:

Definitely a colder day!  So cold that even the animals in Animal Kingdom were hard to come by.

Here are the things we did today:

It's Tough to be a Bug (Discovery Island)
Pangani Forest Exploration Trail (Africa)
Wildlife Express Train (Rafiki's Planet Watch)
Habitat Habit! (Rafiki's Planet Watch) - No animals were out!~
Conservation Station (Rafiki's Planet Watch)
Affection Station (Rafiki's Planet Watch)
Flights of Wonder (Asia)
Maharajah Jungle Trek (Asia)
Expedition Everest (Asia) - Chris did by himself
The Boneyard (DinoLand USA)
Finding Nemo - The Musical (DinoLand USA)
Primeval Whirl (DinoLand USA) - did 2ce.

Chris did do the Everest Rollercoaster himself (even though he wasn't feeling that great) and came back (while Makenna & I were in The Boneyard) and said it definitely was not a coaster for myself or Makenna to try.

The thing I enjoyed the most was the Flights of Wonder - it's where you sit down and watch a live show (with a pretty funny comedy act) and you learn about birds and see birds who are well trained do some pretty neat things. 

The rest of the day was okay but since it was so cold out, there really were no animals to look at beyond some of the usual.

But here are some pictures from the day and a cute video of Makenna while we were waiting for the Flights of Wonder to start:

 This has to be my favorite picture - even though you can tell she wasn't too happy at the moment
 I liked this one too - Chris always has a way of making her smile again
 This ugly thing is an African Bullfrog
 A "lovely" Warthog

 Makenna was able to brush a goat


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