Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Easter - Part 1 - Otsenango Park

My brother Brant and his girlfriend invited Makenna to Ostinango Park on March 30th (2013) for an Easter Egg hunt that was being put on by some church (which meets in a movie theater!). 

They had a big turn out and they handled it pretty well.  They had a couple of different fields and the kids of certain age ranges could run out into the field at a certain time and pick up as many eggs as they could and some of them had tickets in them to win special prizes.  It was a good idea except I think my child got one maybe three eggs at the most.  Other kids (and their parents) were hogging all the eggs and just trying to find tickets to win prizes.

Luckily Brant and his girlfriend were very thoughtful in bringing Makenna a very large Easter Basket with lots of stuff in it.  She was still upset she didn't get many eggs and we explained that it was just a "luck-of-the-draw" type thing.  She probably wasn't the only one not to get an egg with something in it.  A good lesson about life not being fair all the time wrapped up in appropriate (?):

I would've taken pictures of her trying to get eggs but she ran off into a sea of children and we had to actually all go looking for her as it was as we thought she was completely swept up and taken downstream.  Luckily she was found and brought back!

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