Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Magic Kingdom & Epcot - New Year's Eve Style!

Dec 31st:

What a LONG day for us.  We got up early to get into the park early again and then we were off.  We started at Magic Kingdom and did some of the things on the list (that I previously listed in the other post) and we actually took the train around the park and then took the monorail over to Epcot so that we could finish out our day over there.

We had purchased a "park-hopper" which means you can go between parks at any point and time so we were glad that we at least got one use out of it.

We also did some more of the things at Epcot that we had wanted to and missed the first time.  BUT when it came time for New Years Eve celebration - things got crazy!  We 're talking about 5pm at night.  They did a pre-celebration at 6pm for those with young kids so we took advantage of that.  We knew she wouldn't make it to midnight (let alone, ourselves make it that far).

Around 5pm or so, people started getting hats and horns and boy did you know it!  It was loud and annoying!!!  Imagine spending New Year's Eve with about 1 million people.  That's what it seemed like and between all the parks I'm sure that's probably what it was.  They had sides of the path you had to walk on to keep crowd control.  So if you were on the "wrong-side" trying to get into the flow of things, you about got knocked down.

Then we were trying to find a "good-spot" to watch some fireworks and that was really hard to come by.  I think people picked out their spots about 3:30pm or so.  So we squeezed in an area that really didn't give us a good view unfortunately. 

It was still pretty neat to see and if I can find a video from Chris's camera I'll have to post that but I don't have one from my camera. 

We left and went back to the hotel after the firework show.  Even when we were leaving (probably around 7:30-8:00pm or so) there were mobs of people still coming into the park. 

At about midnight I heard (wish I saw) the longest firework display ever.  Chris and I were still up and couldn't believe how long it went on for.  You constantly felt like "that had to be the finale" but then it just kept going!  Maybe one year, when she's older and we make a trip back, we can stay and see it - but I guess for now - you could probably You-tube it if you really wanted to see it.

Here's our pictures from the day:

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