Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ice Skating Show

Even though it was her first year (about 10 weeks more or less) of ice skating, Makenna decided to go ahead and be in the show that the ice skating club has.  It was on March 24th (2013) and she really seemed to enjoy it.

It seemed as she enjoyed watching other skaters than being part of it herself.  I could see her sitting in the hockey booth (you know, where the hockey players sit...I have no idea what to call it), and jumping up and down and cheering for them not to mention doing various dances in the booth.  I wish I caught it on video - it was so cute and funny.

But here are some pictures and if I can dig up some video that Chris took - I'll try and remember and come back and post it: - I found the video - look below for the links

She didn't want a "fish" head so we just put some colorful tape on her helmet to "blend" in

Videos - click on link (first one is a bit long)

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