Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Bear who came to visit

This is the third time in the 10 plus years I've lived here that I've seen a bear but this one takes the cake! 

It was on June 25th, and I was sitting at the dining room table on my laptop and the dogs started barking like nuts.  I, in my usual patient manner, yelled and them to shut it~  But they didn't so I figured there must be a deer outside that they were seeing through the glass sliding doors.  I got up to look and there he was (or she,)...a lumbering bear who just came in for a visit and decided that our yard would be a great place to lay down for a bit.

I immediately went and grabbed my camera and tried to "quietly" sneak out on the porch to grab a picture.  Unfortunately our sliding door isn't so quiet so I only caught a shot through the wood slats of our porch and then it running away.  But still - it was pretty cool (and funny).  But only funny because I was on the porch and not in the yard with it~

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