Monday, December 16, 2013

First Grade Talent Show

Makenna came home one day from school and said she wanted to be in the school talent show (she must've come to me some time in May).  I said "okay, what do you plan on doing?"  She replied, "Sing Katie Perry Firework"  I was astonished!  Not only did I not know she knew that song (which she really didn't) but that she had the courage and want to go up on stage was amazing to me.

So we set out right away to learn the song and I had her practice and practice and practice singing it and knowing the words.  Well probably at least 2 weeks into practicing we had her "perform" for us (Chris & I) where she realized she was really shy and scared to perform in front of us.  We tried to convince her how it was better for her to make mistakes in front of us and get over hear fear of singing in front of people when it was just us two instead of her whole school.

The whole time we practiced, I kept asking her if she wouldn't rather play the piano as she knows songs better and would probably feel more comfortable but she kept saying no.  Well, luckily after this mini-performance she realized maybe she should stick with the piano.  Although I would've been proud and encouraging if she still chose to do the singing.

She went to the try-outs and because she switched to piano, I think she was chosen.  Who knows, she could've been chosen for singing but when the day of the Talent show came, there were a lot of kids singing and she was only one of two who were playing a song on the piano.  Plus the announcer said that 110 kids tried out and only these in the program (about 20 - 30 kids) were chosen.  So that's why I'm glad we switched - she was able to be part of the talent show with her class and for her own performance.  I'm still really proud of her for trying out, having the courage to do something out of her realm and still sticking with doing the talent show and she did great!  Be sure to watch the videos below!


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