Thursday, January 9, 2014

Across the Pond

Shortly after coming back from vacation, we had visitors to our new house.  They were a couple and their three kids from England.  I was so excited to see some friends from the time we had spent there (see our old blog

When they had first asked I immediately jumped on the chance for them to come and was afraid something would fall through and they wouldn't be able to come but I excited that it all worked out and we had some time to visit.

They came on the 24th of August, (sometime after 5pm) and stayed the night and then they got up and went down to NYC for the weekend and then came back on the 26th on their way back up to Canada.  Vlanny's family (hopefully I spelled it right) lives there and his mom was there visiting from Lithuania.  So they had actually been up there visiting for a couple of weeks.

The family that came to visit consists of Estelle & Vladlen Bundiukov and their children, Emily, Xander, and Amber.  Emily is older than Makenna (by 2-3 years and Xander is right around her age, and Amber is about a year or two younger).  I remember when we were in England and Xander was just a little boy and Amber was just a baby.

Makenna loved having all these kids in her room for a sleep-over and was quite sad when they went the next day.  She was even more sad that they didn't stay over night on Monday when they came back but I was at least glad that they did stop back one more time so that I could get some pictures.

It was great to catch up with Estelle and hear all about her family as I had also met her mom and dad and her one brother and a couple of her sisters.  I got to know Vlanny a bit more and how they met and got married.  I also got to catch up on other people I knew there from the church and where they're at now.  It made me long to see all these great people I had met and who befriended me from the church.  It made me grateful for the church and how I was able to meet and get to make lasting friendships albeit distant ones now.

I also hope that anyone else who I met from over there knows they are more than welcome to stay for a visit!  I hope to one day go back and visit them!

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