Thursday, January 23, 2014

Decorating the Tree

December 7th (2013)
I was watching my nieces (Katie, Natalie, Hannah, Brooke) and we were decorating the tree so it only seemed logical to have everyone help and they did a great job!  We have enough room in our new house (in the basement) for our very tall tree.  In our old house we had cathedral ceilings in the living room so it was easy to have a tall tree.  In our new house, it will only fit down in the basement but put it in front of the sliding glass doors and it still looks great. 

I hope that next year we'll also get a small one to put in the front window of our house as now, the only people (or deer) that can appreciate our tree are those who can see it from our back yard.

 I love this "caught" look on her face

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