Thursday, January 23, 2014

Polar Express 2014

Seems as though we've come full circle from where I last left off almost a year ago until my push to catch up starting last December.

This year we went in First Class which meant we got our Hot Chocolate and cookies during the train ride instead of after.  It also came in a very nice Polar Express mug that we got to keep.  Also, Santa sat near the front of the car and we got to have a picture with him, although the picture taker did not do that great of a job. 

We also brought a friend of Makenna's, Zara.  I was glad her parents let her go with us as this was a very long trip due to the bad weather.  We left early because we knew about the impeding bad weather and Chris did a great job of getting us up there safely.  When we got done with the train ride, about 7pm, we stopped quickly for food and headed home which normally would've taken about 2.5 hours but it was more like 3.5.

I was hoping the First Class would mean more comfortable seats and although they were okay, it was very cold!  I think we might take a break from it next year but I guess we'll see.


 Santa & his elves at the "North Pole"

 I loved this shocked look on Santa's face with Zara!


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