Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cottage Time in the Summer

We still have a cottage that we visit in the Summer - every year we think we're going to visit it more and every year we don't.  It needs some major improvements and when one of us wins the lottery (or better yet...plays the lottery) or some kind soul takes pity on us and donates money then we can do some improvements.

But for now we'll just continue to visit it when we can and make minor improvements when we can afford and enjoy the lake and the time with family.  These pictures were taken on July 28th and I put them in a sequence so you can see the evolution of shoulder jumping.  Unfortunately, I think this might be the only year she can get away with this as she grows too fast from one Summer to the next and I don't think Chris will be able to handle her height to do this next year but I guess we'll see.


Here's a link to a video of her shoulder jumping:

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