Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dark Island aka Singer Castle

10 Years!  We've been married for Ten years as of October 11, 2013.  Time truly has flown by.  Since we were still in the midst of trying to tell our old house and having just moved in to our new house at the beginning of August, we decided to do a low-key celebration up in the Thousand Islands. 

Chris and I talked about going to Boldt Castle many times and we decided for our anniversary to do just that.  We got Makenna situated with school and took off on October 10th and headed up to Alexandria Bay.

We got to our hotel looking out at Boldt Castle and since we couldn't check in yet, we went right over to the boat tours and signed up to go to Singer Castle on Dark Island.  I didn't even realize that there was another castle in the Thousand Islands.  It takes about an hour by boat tour to get there and it was a very nice sunny day, a bit windy, but definitely nice enough to sit out on the top deck of the boat.

Plus, the boat tour company gave a bit of history along the way of some of the other houses (mansions) on the islands, along with history of Singer Castle, Boldt Castle and the waterway itself.  I really enjoyed hearing about this area of New York that I never knew about.

Here's a couple of links on Singer Castle if you're interested in some history about it:

It was a beautiful weekend to go - again because of the weather - but also because of the fall foliage which I love (and why I got married this time of year) - and since it was the last weekend of tourist season for this area and the castles, it was not crowded what so ever.  In fact it was practically dead!

It made for walking around the little shops nice and since the season was ending a lot of the little shops had stuff on sale.  I didn't actually buy that much (surprisingly) but I definitely wanted to at one store that had a "country-feel" to it.  I did of course buy Makenna a little something but other than that, we bought fudge from a shop.

The only place we found, and decided on for dinner was this restaurant that was practically as you got off the boat.  We had walked around a bit trying to find a place, but this one seemed to be the best.  So much so that we went back there for lunch the next day.

Well here are a LOT of pictures from this day....(If you want to see the picture bigger/better - just click on it)
Boat Tour we were on - "Uncle Sam Boat Tours"
 We saw quite a few of these big ships (freighters?)
 Some of the things/places we saw on the way to the castle

 "back" of the castle

 They had a lot of little Halloween decorations scattered about as you opened up doors

I liked how you looked at this picture one way then as you walked by it, it had a different view 

 This old phonograph reminds me of ones that used to be in my mom's house - wish I had held on to them now.

One thing the tour guide had also mentioned was how when some of these places were being bought way back when that the price was an outrageous $28 (or something like that), but now they go for millions.  If only I had family who were into real estate up here in the islands way back then!
Plus, there was a place for sale and I told Chris that if he truly loved me and valued our anniversary he'd buy it for a mere $2.5 million~

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