Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas Recital

On December 8th Makenna played Jingle Bells as part of a Christmas Recital at her piano teacher's house.  She practiced and practiced and practiced some more.  She still can play it now without the book as she's memorized most of it (except the last couple of bars). 

This was also one of the first pieces where she was using both hands to play simultaneously - which I was very impressed that she picked up on.  She had been learning up to this point how to play a bit with the right hand then switch to play with the left hand but this piece incorporated both at the same time and she did fantastic.

She was even more excited when Santa showed up and was so disappointed that he missed her playing that she hopped right back on the piano and played it for him!  It was so cute and funny.  I was also shocked that Santa came (her piano teacher, Kate, never mentioned he was coming).

Here are a few photos and I'll have to track down the video to post.

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