Monday, January 13, 2014

Second Grade

On September 4th (2013) Makenna started Second Grade.  She was excited and nervous as it was a new school and she kept thinking that she was going to be the only new kid in the school.  I kept telling her that there were a bunch of kindergartners starting school and they are considered "new" to the school and also that there would probably be at least a couple of other new people, although she might not know who they are.

I also told her that because of going to the JCC for pre-school and camp that she'd more than likely know a few kids when she got there.  Not to mention the friend she made after we moved who was in the same grade and would be on the same bus, but have a different teacher.

Plus, she had just gotten glasses (which she always wanted...I think because two of her cousins have them and we make a big deal about them wearing them), so she was nervous that kids would make fun of her.  In fact, now that it's later in the year, I have to remind Makenna every day to wear them to school.  She doesn't really need them to do other activities besides see the board at this point.

I was just as excited about the new school because:
 - she gets picked up right out front of the house (which she did at the old house BUT this is a much shorter driveway and I can stand in the door and watch her get on and off the bus from the warmth of my home)

- she gets picked up after 8am which means that she can go to bed a bit later and sleep in a bit later (no more 6:30pm bedtime and getting up at 5:45 a.m.~)

- the bus ride is probably about 20 minutes compared to almost 60 minutes one way.

- If any accident or mishap occurs, the school is only 5 minutes from our house or about 10 from work compared to 20 plus minutes (if I'm driving like a crazy maniac....okay no comments there!)

- I can actually be more involved in the school (and yes I joined PTA; but more so that I could meet other moms...which really hasn't really happened yet).

She has a really nice bus driver (I think his name is Dennis) and her teacher is Mrs. Dattoria.  Her teacher happens to know her BFF (Best Friend Forever), from Harpursville so it's a great way for Makenna to keep a bit in touch with her as she misses her (and reminds me every chance she gets how I took her away from her).

I think one of the funniest/saddest things was in the beginning of the school year I was standing outside with Makenna to get on the bus, but probably after about 2-3 weeks, Makenna said, "Mom, I just want to go stand out there on my own."  I was shocked and then saddened as she wanted to be more grown up and on her own, but realize it's a good thing at the same time. 

I still remember my Second Grade Teacher (Mr. Gaddis) and how that was my favorite grade.  So here's to a great new year of learning and growing and I hope she loves second grade as much as I did.

 Home from school - no glasses!  (Luckily they were in her case in her back-pack)

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