Thursday, January 9, 2014

First Tooth Lost~

We were up at the cottage for the Labor Day Weekend and getting ready to leave and close up for the night when Makenna's tooth was just a persistent nag of being on the hairy edge of coming out.  Many people tried and only one finally succeeded in getting it out - Aunt Autumn. 

You can see from the pictures it was a harrowing ordeal for Makenna and in the video you can see the success.  So on 9/2/13 - Makenna lost her first tooth - with a few others to follow shortly thereafter. 

 Happy, Excited and Relieved that it's finally out~
 Proudly showing her tooth to cousin Abbie
Here's the video to watch the experience:
That night she got $4 from the tooth fairy!  I know, I know, the rate of teeth have gone up!  I think it was the excitement that overwhelmed the tooth fairy.  She got a bit more reasonable with the second tooth which was lost on 9/11/13 - unfortunately we only have these couple of pictures of the empty spot where her tooth was and not a picture of the tooth as it fell on to the floor when it fell out and one of the dogs promptly ate it right up (YUCK!).

So the tooth fairy felt it was only fitting that Makenna got M&M's as a reward as she "supposedly" went looking through the dog poop to find the tooth but I'm pretty certain she thought better of the idea as it's only a tooth and she knows more will be on their way.

Which she has since lost a 3rd (and possibly a 4th - can't remember now) but the pace has now slowed down and she had at least one loose tooth but not too loose at this point.

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